Monday, February 24, 2014

I love my India

It has been too many months since my last post. A lot has happened in these months. I think I have not written in so long because we left India and leaving India had much more of an effect on me than I had thought possible. For all the difficulties of daily life and the unexpected challenges, the India that I got to know seeped into me and now has a permanent place in my heart. The warm smiles, vibrant colors, smells at every turn (good and bad), re-imaging personal space, history, architecture, friendships...all the connections we made that will stay with us forever either as a memory or in friends who we will see again in the future...this is what we moved from. Experiences that have touched our lives and changed who we are...that have broadened us in ways we never thought possible. It was hard to say good-bye, it's been hard to move on.

We are now in France. We've been overseas for almost 10 years. We are all readjusting to our new home. But, India is with us every a song Dorian sings or in his dance moves, in Arthur's love of Chhota Bheem or the way he still moves his head slightly when he says "yes, mama." We are all a bit homesick for a home we knew would be temporary, but has left a life-long impression. I often wonder how much my boys will remember of our time there. Young kids don't seem to remember too much. I know I have brief, fuzzy images and instances from my childhood that come to me from time to time, but not a clear, extended memory of my childhood. I hope that they remember things that were special to them but that they also take away a greater sense of the world...I hope it brings them patience, adaptability, curiosity and above all else compassion for others and a love for this global community that they are a part of....

Just the other day and for about the twentieth time since we've been in France, Arthur turned to me and said that he wanted to go home back to Delhi. Eight months ago we left India, but I think India will never truly leave us. We love our India.

Two of my favorite shots with my two favorite boys:

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Street scenes...

I haven't taken street photos i.e. whatever I see outside the moving car window in while, but I couldn't resist this one the other day:

Yes, that is a bicycle rickshaw transporting a motorcycle and its driver...

A rare shot of me and my sweetie taking an auto rickshaw back from the market (with no kids!):

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Earlier this week the boys and I went with some friends to the Kingdom of Dreams. I know, with a name like that, who wouldn't want to go, right? I had heard it was a fantastical cultural experience topped with a bollywood-style show...again, who wouldn't want to go, right? Since Dorian's been doing Bollywood dance this year, I thought it would be a perfect way to spend an afternoon.

At the entrance, distracted by the group of school kids:

Entrance sans boys:

 Inside the Culture Gully, where you can taste food form various Indian states or peruse the shops:

Inside the theater lobby, the boys liked the fancy chairs:

We weren't allowed to take photos during show, but it was quite a show with incredible dancers, fanciful costumes and amazing stage scenery. If you're in Delhi, it's worth spending an afternoon at the Kingdom.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Neighborhood walking...

A while ago D and I went with some friends to explore the neighborhood of Shapurjat (just near Siri Fort Auditorium). I had been before to visit a few shops, but it seems in the past year or so the neighborhood has had many new shops open. And, on one Sunday not long ago, the shops got together to throw a sort of block party. It was well organized with maps of the winding streets, camel rides and snacks. It was a fun visit...even if we had been to the neighborhood before, it was fun to have a new perspective. And on this Sunday, ours was from the perspective of the kids. They had the maps and led the way!

If you're in Delhi, go explore Shapurjat!

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Through the Rajasthani wildlife website, I was able to sign us up for two safaris. There are two options, jeep with up to 6 people or canter with up to 20. I wanted us to take the jeep. Since I planned this weekend away a bit late, I was only able to find two safari timings for our weekend--one at 6am and one the following day at 2pm. Our first safari was in zone 3, which was a bit confusing since the website did not list the zones by number but by name. We had a good guide who explained trees, plants, told us about the park and pointed out the animals. We saw lots of deer, antelope, a couple of gazelles, a few mongoose and many birds and monkeys. We did not see a tiger, but there was a leopard way up on the side of the cliff reclining in the shade. Unfortunately, my zoom was not good enough to get a good shot of it, but with the boys' binoculars we were able to see it. Our second safari was in zone 7. Both the zone and the guide were very disappointing. We only saw a handful of deer. But, overall, we loved being outside in the fresh air and sunshine, looking at all the animals.

Early morning risers ready for safari:

Our first sighting, a spotted deer:

 Lovely grasslands:

Indian antelope:

Good times:


Monkeys, they were giving a warning alarm but we never saw a tiger:

My favorite, kingfisher:

Wide open space:

Ready for safari #2:

Love these red-flowered trees:

Another antelope, they are as big as horses:

Nice view:

Cows bathing:

Lots of rocky paths:

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ranthambhore...first impressions

We spent a long weekend visiting Ranthambhore National Park. It is known for its tigers. We took the train there...getting there is half the fun. And, were pleasantly surprised by our beautiful hotel and some other things we saw along the way.

Boys on the train, never a dull moment looking out the window:

Arriving at Sawai Modapur, funny passenger on the platform:

Our hotel:

Painting and enjoying the view:

Pool time:

Namaste and a happy breakfast boy:

About town, traffic jam, 

huge pigs,

and camel carts:

We loved our hotel (nahargarh). My photos do not do it justice.