Monday, August 15, 2011

Fire Station

Near my parents house is a fire station. The other day when I drove by all the doors were open and the fire engines could be seen in all their glory. I knew the boys would love to see them, so later that day we drove back by with my dad. We didn't want to just waltz in the the fire house so we rang the bell and the nicest fireman answered and let us in. He took us through the building and out back to the garage with all the trucks. So impressive! The boys were so happy and the fireman was so nice he let us climb in the big engine, open up the side compartments to see what was inside (shovels, brooms, axes) and showed us a super cool infrared camera that he uses to find people in emergency situations.  It was one of our best and unexpected outings of the summer. Thank you fireman!

Checking out the engine:

Looking at the infrared camera:

Arthur's amazed:



  1. I love American fire stations! One of the ones near my parents' home takes the trucks out every Sunday morning to wash them, test the lights, etc. Great fun to stop by then!

  2. Yes, they are the best, Frances! And, firemen are so nice and friendly.