Friday, December 14, 2012

Last Diwali...

On the heels of our trip to Kerala, we entered the festive season. We arrived back in Delhi to the winter fog/smog and not crisp but cooler air. Diwali was just a few days away. I have posted about Diwali before (Diwali 2009Diwali PrepDiwali Walk) and this year was not different with the light-adorned houses, buildings, even gas stations and the pop pop boom of the nightly firecrackers. As usual we put our diyas out and decided to take a neighborhood walk the night of the main Diwali festival.

We ran into our friends from down the street who invited us up for puja and firecrackers.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Thanks so much for your comments and suggestions! The problem has been resolved (and without buying more space!) If you're interested or have the same problem, follow the link that Sofie left in her comment under the post. It takes a bit of time, but works. Thanks, Sofie!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Technical Question

I'm putting this out there because I haven't been able to upload photos, I'm not finding the answer when searching through Blogger and I'm not sure what to problem is that I'm not able to upload photos and Blogger tells me I've used up all my free storage. Is there a way to free up storage on the Picassa album linked to my blog without deleting the photos from my computer? Any suggestions? Or, should I just purchase more storage space...seems a bit silly to me to have to do that but I do want to continue posting my photos. Please send any ideas or solutions my way! And a huge thank you!