Sunday, December 9, 2012

Technical Question

I'm putting this out there because I haven't been able to upload photos, I'm not finding the answer when searching through Blogger and I'm not sure what to problem is that I'm not able to upload photos and Blogger tells me I've used up all my free storage. Is there a way to free up storage on the Picassa album linked to my blog without deleting the photos from my computer? Any suggestions? Or, should I just purchase more storage space...seems a bit silly to me to have to do that but I do want to continue posting my photos. Please send any ideas or solutions my way! And a huge thank you!


  1. I got frustrated with having the same problem and in the end bought more storage --- however, I'm moving away from all things Blogger and Google because of them pulling that kind of stuff all across the board ... :( If I could only separate (ouch!) from Picasa!!

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  3. HI caitlin, I had the same problem and no one knew the answer so I bought more space and since then my problem has been solved. I think it is just another money spinning exercise. Love Marina

  4. We found a solution, jeeeehaaaa! Check this out:
    No need to buy extra space!!!!!!!