Monday, October 24, 2011

Sanskriti Museums, outside visit

My friend, Sejal, has been visiting India.  There is nothing like having a visitor to allow you to "see" where you live in a new light, but also to introduce you to new things. She recently spent some time in residence at Sanskriti. It is a collection of museums, it is a place for artists and writers to stay and work, it is quite spectacular. Nestled off the busy MG Road to Gurgaon, it is a haven of tranquility. After passing through the gates, I understood fully why an artist would want to come here and work. At that moment, I wished I was an artist that had come there to work--except for, at that same moment, my two little ones starting running around, reminding me that we were in fact there to visit Sejal...

Here are some photos from our outside tour:

And no tour would be complete without a show:

Sanskriti Show

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