Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sanskriti revisited twice

It's funny sometimes when you learn about something new or go to a new place and as soon as you have this new awareness, the new thing or place keeps popping up. That is how Sanskriti has been for us, as soon as our friend Sejal introduced us to it back in October, we have been back twice for two different events. And, it is always a haven of peacefulness and cleaner air when we go.

The weekend of November 26th Sanskriti hosted Bookaroo, a literary festival for children. It was fantastic. There were storytellers, authors and activities for kids aged 4-16. You can visit their website: BOOKAROO. If you're in Delhi next year around the same time and you have kids, I highly recommend going!

Jeeva Raghunath kicks off the day with a story:
 Dorian enjoys:
 Making a book with French author Malika Doray:

 Hearing a story and song by John Dougherty:

Then, a few weeks after Bookaroo, the weekend of December 10th, Sanskriti hosted Potter's Haat. A two-day celebration of all things made from clay. There were demonstrations, kids activities and potters selling their beautiful wares.

Dorian enjoyed seeing the demonstrations:

 And, I enjoyed buying some pots (view of the merchandise area):

All in all, our three outings to Sanskriti have been fun each in their own way. It's my new favorite place and any new event I hear about being hosted there will definitely make its way on our calendar!

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