Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Land of smiles...

We recently spent ten days in Thailand. I visited Thailand 1999 with a good friend of mine from college. I flew from NYC and he was coming from Japan with another friend of his, so we agreed to meet at the airport information desk at midnight, shortly after both our flights arrived. He had arranged our hotel and really planned out most, if not all, of our activities. It was a great trip. We visited some sights in Bangkok then took a bus going east to catch a boat to the island of Koh Chang. The island was idyllic--gorgeous beaches, jade-colored water, a small bungalow on the beach, fresh fish around a fire at night, walking through the forest to see the waterfall. It was my first time in Asia, the food was amazing, the people friendly, it was perfect (or at least my memory of it is).

Traveling with two small boys is anything but idyllic. In the thirteen years or so since my last visit, Bangkok seemed much bigger, much more modern and had many, many more tourists. Their were crowds every where we went. But, the food was still amazing, the people still friendly and it was pretty perfect for a family vacation. We spent a few days in Bangkok, visiting the main sights, then we headed to the beach for six days. Here are some photos from our visit to the Grand Palace in Bangkok.

Around the corner from the Grand Palace and on just about every corner, you'll see these tuk-tuks. I love them!

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