Saturday, November 17, 2012

Seaside in Kerala

During our first three days in Kerala, we did quite a bit of driving--about four and a half hours from the airport to Thedakky and about four hours from Thedakky to the house boat. Luckily, leaving the houseboat on our fourth day, we only had to drive half an hour. We arrived at our perfect seaside hotel on Marari Beach and knew at once it would be hard to leave after our four days there. The first two days or so it was pretty cloudy with slight drizzle from time to time. Apparently, just on the other side of the Indian peninsula in the Bay of Bengal, there was a cyclone and we were getting some of the side effects. Fortunately, it did not spoil a thing! The boys still loved jumping in the waves and digging in the sand or playing in the hotel's pool. If there was a bit of rain, we stayed on our terrace and the boys painted or played. It was such a relaxing four days.

When we were on the beach, I loved just sitting and watching the boys, listening to the waves and looking at all the fishermen and their different ways of fishing.

 A little sun....

Lots of sun (finally!)...

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