Sunday, April 7, 2013


Through the Rajasthani wildlife website, I was able to sign us up for two safaris. There are two options, jeep with up to 6 people or canter with up to 20. I wanted us to take the jeep. Since I planned this weekend away a bit late, I was only able to find two safari timings for our weekend--one at 6am and one the following day at 2pm. Our first safari was in zone 3, which was a bit confusing since the website did not list the zones by number but by name. We had a good guide who explained trees, plants, told us about the park and pointed out the animals. We saw lots of deer, antelope, a couple of gazelles, a few mongoose and many birds and monkeys. We did not see a tiger, but there was a leopard way up on the side of the cliff reclining in the shade. Unfortunately, my zoom was not good enough to get a good shot of it, but with the boys' binoculars we were able to see it. Our second safari was in zone 7. Both the zone and the guide were very disappointing. We only saw a handful of deer. But, overall, we loved being outside in the fresh air and sunshine, looking at all the animals.

Early morning risers ready for safari:

Our first sighting, a spotted deer:

 Lovely grasslands:

Indian antelope:

Good times:


Monkeys, they were giving a warning alarm but we never saw a tiger:

My favorite, kingfisher:

Wide open space:

Ready for safari #2:

Love these red-flowered trees:

Another antelope, they are as big as horses:

Nice view:

Cows bathing:

Lots of rocky paths:

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