Monday, February 24, 2014

I love my India

It has been too many months since my last post. A lot has happened in these months. I think I have not written in so long because we left India and leaving India had much more of an effect on me than I had thought possible. For all the difficulties of daily life and the unexpected challenges, the India that I got to know seeped into me and now has a permanent place in my heart. The warm smiles, vibrant colors, smells at every turn (good and bad), re-imaging personal space, history, architecture, friendships...all the connections we made that will stay with us forever either as a memory or in friends who we will see again in the future...this is what we moved from. Experiences that have touched our lives and changed who we are...that have broadened us in ways we never thought possible. It was hard to say good-bye, it's been hard to move on.

We are now in France. We've been overseas for almost 10 years. We are all readjusting to our new home. But, India is with us every a song Dorian sings or in his dance moves, in Arthur's love of Chhota Bheem or the way he still moves his head slightly when he says "yes, mama." We are all a bit homesick for a home we knew would be temporary, but has left a life-long impression. I often wonder how much my boys will remember of our time there. Young kids don't seem to remember too much. I know I have brief, fuzzy images and instances from my childhood that come to me from time to time, but not a clear, extended memory of my childhood. I hope that they remember things that were special to them but that they also take away a greater sense of the world...I hope it brings them patience, adaptability, curiosity and above all else compassion for others and a love for this global community that they are a part of....

Just the other day and for about the twentieth time since we've been in France, Arthur turned to me and said that he wanted to go home back to Delhi. Eight months ago we left India, but I think India will never truly leave us. We love our India.

Two of my favorite shots with my two favorite boys:


  1. HI Caitlin and good to hear all is well with you and the family even if you are a little India Homesick. x m

  2. I loved this post. So rift with heartache, nostalgia, genuine connection. Keep posting, Caitlin - you have a voice we need to hear more of. xxx

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  5. Beautiful. How lucky I feel to have been able to spend time with you and your family in Delhi. I bet they will remember even when they are older. xoxo

  6. I don't know you and I just came across your blog while searching "how to make Raavan masks for kids". Glad I did! You have travelled immensely and I had to rush down to all your posts. I am so happy to know that you liked our country as much as we all do. Thank you for thinking Delhi as your house and I can only hope that you get back to your home soon.