Sunday, January 10, 2010

National Museum

Last week, my mom and I went to the National Museum. I have always loved museums so I was excited to see what this one had to offer. We were not disappointed--it basically laid out the history of India through archeology and the arts. I recommend taking the audio tour because there is so much to see. While the pieces in the museum are amazing, the museum itself could use a little extra attention, some fresh paint, new labels, different lighting and air conditioning or, this time of year, heat (it was freezing!). Regardless, we thoroughly enjoyed our time there and I snapped some photos (lots of elephant imagery because it's one of my favorite animals):

I took this of some school kids that we saw. We heard their laughter and rumbling voices before they entered this gallery. They were walking so quickly I don't think they really saw anything. The girls were in line first and waved at us. Then, the boys came and several of them broke from their line and ran over to us. It was crazy there were about fifty of them at once and, although feeling overwhelmed by this rush of teenage boys, we smiled and shook their hands. It was our fifteen minutes of fame.

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