Monday, October 18, 2010

Water Filter...

In my opinion, this is quite possibly the most important thing in our house, a reverse osmosis water purifier with ultra filtration process. It is the only direct source of filtered water, other than buying bottled water, that we have for drinking, cooking with and bathing Arthur (since he's too young to understand not to put water in his mouth). Yes, he has a bath/shower in the kitchen sink. We have it cleaned every three months, as we're supposed to, but suddenly about a month ago it stopped working. Frustration. I called the company to send a technician who showed up within 24 hours. It worked for a few hours then stopped again...this happened two more times then we left for France. When we came back, of course, it was still not working. I bought a box of bottled water then called the company again to send the technician. By this time our warranty had run out and all the parts needed to be replaced. All in all it's not that big of a deal, just a hassle for what is so important and for what I no longer take for granted.


  1. oh no! I know first hand how important that do-hickey is! Hope it gets fixed properly soon.

  2. Thanks Julie! It's fixed...for now...

  3. Hello,

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