Thursday, October 28, 2010

Looking for pumpkins...

I've been helping organize a Halloween costume and crafts party for the little ones and my most recent mission has been to find pumpkins. Mini pumpkins. I had a tip that there were some at Moti Bagh market:
We found some pumpkins but they were not mini enough (you can see them on the ground behind the bicycle).  And so we headed for another market and when I told our driver that we'd need about thirty of them, he took us straight to Okhla fruit and vegetable market where you can buy things in bulk. It was quite an experience, especially with Arthur and Dorian in tow:

Potatoes across the floor:

A truck load of oranges:

Working our way through the narrow paths of the market with our driver and Arthur taking the lead:
Stopping to see a man make paan:
(here's a quick and simplified description of paan: a mix of shredded nut, a red paste called katha, part of lime called chuna, sweet spices called mitha masala and chewing tabacco called zarda. paan is kept on the inside of the cheek and chewed slowly and the juice is often spit out)

Stopping to see the cows eating leftovers:

And, finally the pumpkins:

They were mini enough--about 2 kilos per pumpkin--and Dorian had had enough:

But Arthur made a friend:

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  1. What a job! Doing this with your two little boys!