Monday, November 1, 2010


Having fond memories of Halloween when I was young, I always wanted my children to have the opportunity to dress up in costume and eat loads of candy. But, living in France, or rather in overseas France, these past few years we never really had an opportunity. Last year, our first Halloween in Delhi, we were very lucky to be invited to a friend's neighborhood for some trick or treating, which was great fun once Dorian understood the whole concept. He didn't even really want to dress up but he did like getting the goods. This year, however, was very different. We had a plethora of activity and mulitple costume changes for Dorian. As you may have noticed with my previous post, we bought 30 pumpkins for a Halloween costume and crafts party. It was great fun--lots of kids in costumes, lots of pumpkin painting,ghost and bat-making and pumpkin mask-making and Dorian went as a policeman.

Ghost scaring ghost with his friend:

Then there was the trick or treating with Arthur's school. Dorian was lucky to be invited along since his school was on holiday.

Black cat and astronaut:

Finally, Saturday evening Dorian and I went to a huge Halloween bash at hosted by one of the schools. There were games, music and food to be had but his favorite was the bouncy castle.

Or was it the elephant:
He's not squinting, but winking. He's been practicing all week and has it down!