Thursday, November 18, 2010

'Tis the season...

Around this time of year in Delhi the melas begin. Melas usually have handicrafts of all shapes, sizes and varieties from clothes to art to decorations to carpets to jewelry. At the end of October I went to the Dastkar Mela. It was amazing. It was overwhelming. It was....well, I'm just planning on saving all my pennies for next year. In addition to all the beautiful clothes and crafts, there was food to eat, music and dance to watch and even some art activities for the kids. This is one mela that should not be missed (and, if I understood correctly, I think all proceeds benefit charitable organizations and/or the workers themselves). I arrived not in the mood to shop and left because I ran out of money...
 This was just one small part:

 Kids doing some crafts:


  1. Yup ! I went last year and bought the most fabulous wall hanging from there. Missed it this year as I was away. Love m

  2. my ALL time favorite mela!