Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A happy...

So I took a visiting friend to Dilli Haat. I really like Dilli Haat. It's an outdoor handicrafts market that rotates its vendors every two weeks or so. It often has a special theme revolving around a specific state's handicrafts or, as we discovered on Friday, to promote awareness for a social cause. The cause was for the welfare of children and women. There were the usual vendors of scarves, shoes, beautiful embroidered tops, jackets and linens. What was new were the woolens--sweaters, hats, scarves, the cutest little slippers--and the conference area where there were tons of teenagers discussing and listening to lectures. But, the thing that caught my eye and stopped me in my tracks was

It was positioned just next to the exit and when we walked by a young woman was sitting in front of the sign taking notes. I wonder how many other people stopped to read the sign before leaving.


  1. Shame we cant read it - can you tell us some of the suggestions ?? Love MM

  2. D-D, it does...nice to be reminded sometimes to say thank you and appreciate the other person.

    MM, if you click on the photo it should get bigger. if that doesn't work, please let me know and i'll tell forward you some of the suggestions.

  3. Hello Caitlin thanks for the prompt. I clicked on the picture and it worked. I read them all and I have to say I think they are pretty, well how can I say, passé. I hope you agree- the type of advice that perhaps my mother was thinking of all those years ago. Not the kind of stuff that would make for a balanced mutually respectful marriage but hey who am I to say what is good and bad. Just a thought, but thanks for sharing. Love m

  4. M, yes I do agree with you. I like to think those suggestions were posted for husbands and wives alike and as a starting point to get each to think about the other and for a mutually respectful marriage, as you said. But, who knows, marriage can be complex and a lot more work than just following a few pieces of advice;) xoxo, C