Monday, November 15, 2010

Saturday outing

We have been in Delhi for 15 months now and I still feel like we're setting up house. We have the basics, but we need to make it feel like home--a few personal touches, a few photos and a few more pieces of furniture. I was intrigued by a friend who told me about a place she went just outside Delhi where there were huge rooms filled with all kinds of furniture and decoration. I convinced X to go, so we left Saturday morning for a furniture hunting adventure. Our driver knew exactly where it was so it didn't take too long to get there. There were at least three huge, warehouse size rooms like this:
 and these are just a tiny view...
Then there were these light fixtures:
And cool decorations:
Dorian found something for his room...
And, Arthur found a doggie to love:

We did not buy the chair for Dorian or the doggie for Arthur, but I think we found some nice and unique pieces of furniture for our house-soon-to-be home.

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