Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nature Walk

Stepping out of the car after our long ride to Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve from Delhi was like a breath of fresh air, no it was a breath of fresh air. We were greeted by friendly hotel staff, taken to our family cottage then served a nice warm lunch. We explored the grounds--rabbits and roosters for the kids to see--then went for a foot safari in the nearby forest. I was a bit leery doing this nature walk with possible tigers with my little boys...but, I figured our guide would know how to protect them, right? Some highlights...

The rabbits:

Our wonderful nature walk guide:
 Our very first tiger paw print:

Arthur tries to make tracks with his friend:

Checking out tiger claw marks:

Hurrying back across the riverbed (where we had previously spied some jackals) to the hotel before nightfall:


  1. Love the photos! Wish we could have been there!!

  2. Wish you could have been there too!!!