Sunday, December 26, 2010

Flower market

Knowing my mom would be here and that she likes markets and flowers, I asked our driver if he knew of a good flower market. I have heard of the Mehrauli flower market and asked him about it, too, but he said he knew of a better one up by Connaught Place. So, early one morning we set off.

We saw this on the way and knew we were headed in the right direction:

Flowers everywhere:

 150 roses for 200 rupees ($4), too bad I don't have enough vases...


  1. Anthony! A better one than Mehrauli? Pshaw!!

    (glad you enjoyed it though!)

  2. I know! I've seen photos of Mehrauli and it looks amazing! I think Anthony's criteria was based more on availability of parking...

  3. Caitlin, come and visit Mehrauli, the flower market is not big but very colourful. I posted pictures of it recently. Combine with a visit to the Qutub ! x M