Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dorian's Five...

Once again, I can't believe another year has passed and that my baby boy is now five years old. After the Rajastani puppet show at Arthur's birthday and at India week recently at school, Dorian wanted one at his party. And, of course, the tattoo guy and loads of balloons. The good thing is that party planning here in Delhi is super easy. Go to the toy shop, ask to see their book and pick out what you want. From elephants and camels to bouncy castles and mini trains, the options are limitless. Fortunately, there were no requests for large animals!  I think Dorian had a fun time and, with his ever-increasing interest in musical instruments, I surprised him with a guitar-shaped birthday cake.

The garden is ready for arts and crafts (the clay pots I picked up on my recent pottery tour):

 Puppets are ready for dancing:
 And the cake:

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  1. Happy Birthday Dorian ! Congratulations all round.x m