Friday, April 8, 2011

Pottery Tour, part III hands getting dirty...

The last part of the pottery tour was sitting down and talking with one family. They showed us photos from a trip to Australia where the father went to teach his craft. Then, they gave us the opportunity to try our hand at the wheel. So, there I went...

First attempt not so successful:

Slightly better:
But, it was fun and in the end she gave me a piggy bank:

Such a fun excursion! I would recommend this tour to anyone visiting or living in Delhi. It's a break from the ordinary with a real personal touch. 


  1. Love the pouty face! You did WELL on the wheel!

    I'm FINALLY getting around to posting about the tour ... was so great!

  2. And, thank YOU for taking the photos!!

  3. A fun day out. Must organise it x m