Wednesday, May 18, 2011

There's something about May...

Last May I posted this: summer season not good season and, now that we're back in the month of May, I feel like we've come full circle. For the past week, I've been taking care of a sick Arthur boy. It started innocently enough with some mandatory vaccines last week that brought on a fever. Then, he picked up a horrible cough and runny nose. Now he's exhausted. But, somewhere in the middle of all of that my curious toddler managed to eat some food from a stray cat's bowl sitting in front of a friend's house. I immediately called the pediatrician who said to bring him in for rabies vaccine. We can't be sure and rabies is not something you wait out. I could not do the vaccine on him when we first got here because he was too young. This was a big reminder for me--on one hand to stay on top of vaccines and on the other to stay on top of watching a small toddler. We are so lucky to have a great doctor nearby. But, I'm starting to think that next year we need to start our summer holidays sooner...not sure what next May will have in store for us!

On a side note, being curious about rabies I found this article (click here to read more, it's really interesting: rabies in India) that said in India " A person is bitten every 2 seconds, and someone dies from rabies every 30 minutes." 

Definitely scary.


  1. Oh Good luck with it all Caitlin. Tempers running high and energy levels low ....and so it goes.
    If I dont see you have a great summer. x m

  2. Thanks M! We are counting the days until we leave next month. Hope you have a nice summer too! xo, c

  3. Are things better for you now ? Not long to go . x m