Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer season, not a good season...

No truer words have been spoken, except maybe throw in the winter season too. Our housekeeper, said this to me about two weeks ago, as Dorian, Arthur and I sat there with runny noses and coughing. One thing about moving to India for us, is how unprepared I was for the amount of physical ailments our collective bodies would have to deal with...from coughs to colds to stomach bugs to fevers to fatigue and now..rubella.

I know many new parents hesitate on whether to vaccinate their little ones or not. But, knowing that we travel a lot coupled with finding out we were headed to India, my husband and I said, without hesitation, bring on the vaccines! Well, some good it did us...Arthur's come down with Rubella aka German measles aka 3-day measles. Honestly, I knew nothing about it, except that when I was pregnant I knew I didn't want to catch it. But thanks to our wonderful pediatrician and the internet, I now know a little something. Apparently, it's not all that serious. It starts with a mild fever, then a rash and the lymph nodes are swollen at the back of the head, near the neck. After three days, the rash goes away, hence the 3-day measles name. He's contagious for one week before the rash appears and one week after. Oh boy, now I'm trying to think of all the little kids he's been around in the last week. Luckily (now I can say luckily) he had a fever last week and I kept him home.

Poor spotty tummy:

But, true to its name, 3-day measles, on the third day the spots started fading and his good mood started coming back.

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  1. Oh poor you the last thing you want in this weather and perhaps others too as they prepare to head back home. Hope it resolves quickly C and you are back to your exploring before too long. Love MM