Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Doll Museum

I was lucky enough to tag along on Dorian's final school field trip of the year. His class visited the Doll Museum. It is two rooms lined with dolls from all over the world. In one room, there were the dolls from outside India--Germany, France, U.S., Guatemala, Australia, Spain, so many more countries were represented, too many to list. Then in the second room there were mainly dolls from India as well as some special exhibits set up, like the man on the moon, a jungle scene and a German mountain top railway station. But, my personal favorite was the doll showing how to put on a sari. Unfortunately, photos were not allowed in the museum, but I got a few shots along the way.

The kids loved riding the bus. And, to be honest, it was quite an experience for me too! The bus was huge. We were actually looking down at the city buses when stopped next to them at red lights. We bumped along and seemed to own the road. I much prefer riding around in our car, but it was fun to have a new perspective for a while.

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