Sunday, September 18, 2011

Door boy...

I was going through the massive amounts of photos on my blackberry the other day when I came across a series I had taken while on our trip to Chandigarh last year. We visited the Rock Garden: rock garden visit. It's funny what you remember over time. We arrived at the end of the day, it was cloudy and looked like it would rain any second. My big boy was fussy, no doubt  because he had been in the car most of the day on our drive to and from Kasauli: kasauli but, I was determined that we would visit the famous Rock Garden and we would all enjoy it. Ha! My four and a half year old was good a proving me wrong. He was not happy at all to be walking through the maze of rock creations. And, even less so about all the people wanting to take photos of him. But, then something happened. I don't know if was because they were scaled to his size or he actually started enjoying the garden, but...I found this series of Dorian and the Doorways:

All slightly different, doors and poses that is, but all the same theme. It was like his own castle with doors just for him. Luckily, it changed his mood and he gave me this happy pose before leaving:

And then it poured down rain...

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