Monday, November 7, 2011

Break time...

We recently took advantage of our big boy's school holiday and took off on a crazy amount of travel in a 10-day period. Plane from Delhi to Paris, train from Paris to Antwerp then back again, plane back to Delhi, train to Ajmer, car to Pushkar and camel cart to fair...then back again. It was well worth every single, but brief, minute we spent moving around catching up with the friends we were able to see.

Our first stop was a beautiful, tree-lined town just outside of Antwerp. There we found our good friends who we were so sad to see leave Delhi this summer. Now, they are adjusting to a new climate, language and all the good things Belgium has to offer. We, of course, loved seeing them and having the boys run around together again (even if we only got to see them for 2.5 days).

A walk near the local castle:
 Fall leaves!!

 The most interesting part of the zoo was the man installing a door in the ladies room:
 Silly monkey:
 Arthur with his twin:
 Taken by Dorian at the train station:

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  1. So happy that you guys got to see each other!!!!