Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pushkar...getting there

The third place we visited during our 10-day holiday was Pushkar. Ever since touching down in India and hearing about the Pushkar Camel Fair two years and three months ago, I have wanted to go. Our first two years, I felt Arthur was a bit young to do or enjoy this type of trip. But, this year I informed the family that we were going (whether they wanted to or not!). My good friend, Sofie, and I started planning. She booked the hotel and I booked the train tickets. Then...we were off! Since the Pushkar trip was so rich, I will spread it out over several posts. This one is just our trip getting there by train (our first train in India!).

On the train...

The kids played with the ipad:
 The papas (and Arthur) slept...
The kids did crafts:
 Here's Dorian's envelope he made to store his crafts:

From the train we saw...

People waiting:
 Packing themselves into other trains:
 More waiting:
Moving things:

On the way there we were in A/C first class but on the way back we were in A/C chair car. The only real difference besides the ticket price was that the chairs in first class were bigger. Otherwise, both sections were nice. And, the service was amazing--snacks, meals (although we brought our own food), drinks and even ice cream. My favorite was this cup we got with our bottle of water:

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