Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Business Cards

As I've mentioned before, we get a steady stream of vendors stopping by the house to sell their wares. I have a fairly nice stack of various business cards. The most common are for people selling woven baskets, mats, outdoor furniture and chicks. Chicks are window blinds, which I guess might be short for chicken, but I've never heard anyone refer to them as chicken. And, now I'm wondering why...must ask the all-knowing Raju. In any case, this made me laugh:


  1. Hi Caitlin,
    I've just started reading your blog. Very interesting to look at India from your point of view.

    The card refers to chikan work - which is a type of hand embroidery from Lucknow.

  2. Thank you for reading and for your knowledge. Next time someone comes by the house, I'll ask to see the chikan work since I know what it is now.