Monday, December 14, 2009

Well, hello there...

A typical Sunday at home when suddenly I hear Dorian screaming, "ELEPHANT, ELEPHANT!" And, just across the street there's the elephant. Am I surprised? Being in Delhi and having seen elephants, cows, horses, goats and camels on the street, not so much. It's a birthday party and our nice neighbor invited us to join in the fun. All the kids loved watching the elephant and feeding her bananas. The camel was relaxing here, while the elephant got all the attention. But, later, the kids wanted to ride the camel and not the elephant. Dorian didn't ride either, as much as I begged him to ride with me.

The bouncy castle was a big hit and seems a staple at Delhi birthday parties.
I'm used to simple birthdays, like a play date with some cake. But, here it's a whole different level...what will we do for Dorian's birthday? Will he ask me for an elephant? Is it too much for a four-year old? Questions I never ever thought I'd be asking myself...


  1. There is SO many options for birthday parties here! Just DONT go crazy and decorate the cars of all attending families with balloons ... now THAT is over the top :)

  2. Sky divers out of jets. But we'll wait until his fourth birthday just to keep the suspense. Kidding. Miss you guys. By the way, do you have to peel the bananas first???

  3. Incroyable! Here I was thinking birthday parties at ambassadors' residences in Paris was over the top. But elephants definitely take the cake! :)