Thursday, February 11, 2010

City Palace

The City Palace in Jaipur, like the Amber fort, unfolds courtyard after courtyard with it's rich decoration and bright colors. Part of the palace still houses Jaipur's royal family. It also has an impressive throne room (unfortunately, no photos allowed), a beautiful textile collection and a restaurant, in case you have some hungry children touring with you.

Hall of Public Audience in a huge courtyard:

Another view of the huge courtyard:

The yellow building is the royal family's private residence:

The guest house:

The world's biggest silver urn (there are two), used to transport water from the Ganges river to London in 1901 for Edward VII's coronation because Madho Singh II was unsure of the water of the West:

I really enjoyed visiting this palace, or at least the parts that we saw. I love the peacock decorations. I am amazed that in a bustling and crowded city like Jaipur you can find yourself in vast expanses of open space tucked behind these walls.

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