Tuesday, February 2, 2010


As you can imagine, for any small person who did not choose to pack up all his stuff and leave the only home he's really known to live in a huge city with no ocean in sight and start school, these past few months have been very hard on Dorian. School has been a major source of turmoil, most days he doesn't want to go and is only happy when I tell him it's a short day or that tomorrow is a short day (his school week consists of two short days and 3 long days, which I think is a difficult schedule for such a small guy). I am trying my hardest to do what ever I can to make this transition bearable for him. While waiting to pick him up one day as school recently, I took a look at the school lunch menu...

Well, of course! If they stopped serving "fussily" food, maybe he'd enjoy school more.


  1. So I'm trying to figure this out ... you can ALWAYS then say that it's either (1) a short day or (2) tomorrow is a short day ... right?

    You know what has saved US? Scheduling playgroups two times a week ... either that or let him pick ONE fieldtrip to go on (for those short days) ... might perk up his little spirit.

  2. Woh, are they serving this on tables with white linen and candles?