Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sari Shopping

One thing you first notice when you come to India is the beautiful and colorful saris women wear. Whether you see women walking down the street or working in a field in the countryside, the brightness of the sari is eye-catching and one of my favorite things. I recently spent a morning out with two friends going sari shopping. It was so much fun! Here's how it goes: After getting over the initial awe of seeing all the amazing fabric hanging in front of you, you sit down and a salesman starts flinging material down a long counter:
After you've chosen the fabric you want to try, another man prepares it by throwing it across floor then folding so quickly and precisely that it's hard to really see what he's doing:

Then, it's wrapped around you:

The hardest part is deciding which color to buy! So, I bought two--the blue and the black above. And, as luck would have it, the tailor was not in the shop to take our measurements for the top and petticoat you wear underneath. So...I have an appointment with a tailor this week. Then all I'll have to do is practice putting the sari on, or rather have someone come over and help me put the sari on...


  1. Love! Still don't have mine. SIGH.

  2. Thank you for the photos, Naomi!!!

  3. lovely! you brought back memories for me...

  4. so glad to do so, sejal! it is such a fun and amazing experience.