Monday, March 8, 2010

A breath of fresh air...

As I mentioned, we decided to go to the seaside while in France. It seemed like the perfect place for our boys to cleanse their lungs of all the Delhi pollution and dust, even if it was February. And, it was because nobody in their right mind would plan a seaside vacation in winter...I mean, we had the beach to ourselves:

The boys were extremely excited about taking a high-speed train from Paris to La Baule in Brittany. I was sure it was going to rain the whole time we were there, but to my great and pleasant surprise, we had lots of sun and just a tiny bit of rain.

I love going to the beach to lie in the sun and relax, unfortunately, that's just not done in February...but, we thoroughly enjoyed walking on the beach, digging, being chased by the waves, watching the horseback riders, being amazed by the kitesurfers and, of course, the fresh sea air.


  1. New to your blog, LOVED the pics!

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  3. Oh ... that looked just divine ... even if little D was in a SWEATSHIRT!!!

    Glad you're back!