Wednesday, March 10, 2010


On the beach in La Baule, while the tide was low, we saw these people out with their buckets and shovels picking up, what the French call, palourdes (clams). Every day the tide was out, they were there, bent over and searching. I spoke with the man in the blue jacket who nicely let me take a close up photo of his bag full of clams. He said there were more than usual at the moment because of a recent storm. Later that day, we went to a restaurant and ate some palourdes...with a nice garlic-butter sauce, so good. And, many thanks to those who spend their mornings gathering them!


  1. It looks divine! The clam-digging, the cloudy days ... all of it! You ate some croissants for me, right?

  2. About twenty...and they were so good:)