Saturday, April 24, 2010

15 and 1/2 months

I know I just posted something about Arthur making big impressions on the people he meets here in Delhi. But, I realized last week that as he is almost 16 months old, he has now lived longer in India than elsewhere. It made me think about what that means...and, I find it incredible that what we (the rest of the family) finds new and exciting and interesting and challenging will seem completely normal to Arthur. Elephants, cows, monkeys, dusty streets, children working alongside their parents, children holding babies knocking at our car windows selling things or asking for money, having a housekeeper come everyday, a driver, guards, forts, temples, rickshaws, honking, dust, pollution, construction, heat, colorful saris, friendly people everywhere, playgroups with kids from all over the world is Arthur's norm. Does that mean that when we go to Europe or the U.S., everything will seem exotic to Arthur?

I sat next to Arthur on a recent drive across town. This is what he sees out the car window on a normal day:

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  1. I love how Aurthur is famous! It's so cute. And he is a charmer!