Thursday, April 22, 2010

First impressions...

Since we've been in India, Arthur has gotten a lot of attention. He is blond, blue-eyed, smiles often and is a baby. People love him. At the Crafts Museum, it was no different, except that in addition to photos, he very willingly went into the arms of the man at the cash register:

Then, sat there while the man tried to take his picture:

Arthur refused to come back to me, preferring to stay with cash register man and making all the men at the entrance laugh when he looked at me and said "bye bye"...

And, then there was this very nice man, who was so happy to hold Arthur that he asked if he could give me 10 rupees to buy Arthur some chocolates. The first time I've been offered money...I kindly thanked him but refused and asked to take his photo instead.


  1. He went to THEM willingly and not ME? I'm crushed. Maybe I should start carrying chocolates?

  2. Oh no!! Don't take it that way, he was just tired the other day when he saw you. Promise, he LOVES you!