Monday, April 19, 2010

Crafts Museum

Delhi is full of surprises and we were pleasantly surprised in our recent visit to the Crafts Museum. It's full of textiles, wood carvings, bronze sculptures and paintings. And, the museum is set up with some parts outside, some inside, almost like you're walking through one of the many forts we've visited--it unfolds. There is an area outside where artisans sell their wares but you can also see some of them working. Dorian was intrigued by a man weaving on a loom, while Arthur liked seeing the potter pound on his clay. There is something for everyone.

At the entrance, there is this huge pot and, fortunately, Dorian came with his binoculars so he was sure not to miss anything:
Outdoor clay sculpture area:
This beautifully decorated box-shaped piece was made to store grains:
Some more nice stuff:

I took these inside photos before I knew that I wasn't supposed to take photos inside. So, I don't have any to post of the amazing textiles and jewelry that we saw.

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