Sunday, August 1, 2010

A visit from Dawn

It's hard having friends all over and coming to the States once a year and not being able to see them all. Luckily, my dear sweet friend Dawn flew down to see us for a quick weekend. So great to catch up with her, have some girl time and have her get to know the boys. In her two days with us, we did tons--Dallas World Aquarium, Stockyards (for cowboy shopping purposes), Japanese Gardens, Fort Worth Modern Art Museum, Cowgirl Hall of Fame and, finally, an evening out at the movies. I'm sure she was exhausted by the time she got back home, but it sure was fun.

Here are some highlights:

The Fort Worth Japanese Gardens, lovely to walk around,
but, oh so impractical for an 18-month old who walks everywhere and pays not attention to drop-offs.
Dorian, the photographer:
On to the the Modern Art Museum and this cool sculpture:
Total echo chamber, put two boys inside and it's a very loud concert!
Modern art is so cool.
Dorian's favorite.

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  1. Dorian the photographer is standing where Darin and I were married!