Thursday, July 29, 2010

Keep on keeping on...

I'm sure just about anyone (and everyone) who lives abroad feels at some point the same're not quite home in your adoptive country and you're not quite home in your native country. Where does that leave you? Always traveling or always searching for a home? At this point for us, I think it's both.

We've been in the States for a long time this summer. We were supposed to fly back to Delhi next week (for the second time). I had already changed our return date once and did it again. I wanted us to have our family vacation in Malaysia this summer--some place new and exciting for us since the boys and I have been away from their papa for most of the summer. But, it proved a bit difficult to plan the trip the way I wanted, so at my husband's suggestion, we're having our vacation in the States. He booked a ticket using his miles, so the miles dictated the destination and...we're off to Boston and Cape Cod next week for about 10 days.

At least Dorian is excited to see Mr. and Mrs. Mallard and their ducklings.

But, no matter where we are there are reminders of were we've been or are going...this made me stop in the street in Portland last month:


  1. oh my gosh -- what a great picture ...!!!!

    Have a blast on the east coast!

  2. Caitlin! My former roommate has a poem published about just this...the manholes in American taht are made in India.

    I'm glad you are still here. wondering when you head back...i will be in nyc and possibly providence.

    sure would be lovely to see you--now or next time.

  3. Enjoy the last bit to the full Love m