Monday, July 26, 2010

A few firsts...

It's been great being in the States for most of the summer (and it's not over yet!). The boys have seen and done so much and have grown in so many ways. What I love is seeing them see things for the first time.

Dorian loves waterfountains.

Popsicles = yummy.

As is corn on the cob.

This yellow watermelon was a huge hit.

They've never had a sprinkler to run in before.

And, last but not least (even without photo), my favorite so far has been while at the ice cream shop, "mama, what's that car doing at the window?" Oh, yes, the drive thru...

1 comment:

  1. Every expat kid deserves to have some REALLY great firsts in the United States! Love the water fountains (we have had the same experience with the "we can really drink out of that?")

    Bravo Arthur for loving corn-on-the-cob ... tell him we'll have some together when he gets home ... it's MY favorite!

    (are you saying they've NEVER had popsicles before?)