Monday, July 12, 2010

Children's Museum

A few months ago, we enjoyed walking around and exploring the Children's Museum in Delhi. It is spread over a vast campus among various buildings all housing different exhibits. It's interesting but dark and dusty at times. The Portland Children's Museum was a completely different experience...totally hands on. The boys loved every minute of it and we visited it twice in our ten days in Portland...but, if Dorian had had his way, we would have gone every day.

Dorian being a vet:

The boys digging:

Arthur in the young ones playland:

Cooking and serving:

The ultimate for Dorian...the stage:

It was "his" stage and he still talks about going to back to it.

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  1. (are you wearing a kurta?) :) love it!

    yes - we definitely miss the Children's Museums from back home ... not quite what you find here ...