Saturday, July 17, 2010

Story time...

One thing that I love about visiting my parents during the summer holidays (besides seeing them, of course) is that there are so many activities for the kids. A favorite takes place on Wednesday mornings at a nearby museum, the Amon Carter. It's an hour filled with listening to stories, looking at art, doing an art activity and eating a snack. What could be better than that? Sometimes, I think I enjoy it more than my boys. Anyway, we've been to the last two Wednesdays and the themes have been people in art and music in art. Great stuff. Can't wait for next week!

Museum entry, waiting for the stories to begin...and, luckily, my assistant Pop Pop, was there to wheel Arthur around because at his age, he's more interested in looking than listening.

Dorian has his snack:

Then gets busy on his portrait:

All done:

Another great thing about this story time is that Dorian loves looking at art and hearing the stories behind the paintings. The evening after our first story time Wednesday, he sat on his Pop Pop's lap for almost an hour looking at the Amon Carter's catalogue and talking about art.


  1. THIS is something fantastic! We did something similar during one of our Rock n Tots at an art museum and it was delightful!

    Wouldn't it be fun to have something like that in Delhi? (with aircon of course!)