Monday, June 27, 2011

Cleaning house...

We are lucky that our apartment in Delhi has air conditioning in the living room and bedrooms. I can't really imagine living there during the hot months without it. I (naively) thought they had to be serviced only every six months. How wrong I was! The a/c guys showed up, took one look at the filter in the living room  unit and asked when I had it cleaned last....umm...I asked them how often I should have it clean....they said every three months...oops. No wonder we had been all coughing and unhealthy.  Then, I saw what came out of the filter. I am definitely never forgetting to have the a/c serviced!

He was smiling before the cleaning started:

This is what came out the backside:

 For the boys' room, they took the whole thing out of the wall and outside for a good washing:

Again, never forgetting the three-month cleaning...

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  1. Put it in your calendar! Ours are nasty too ...