Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Memories and moving on...

After having my mobile phone for almost 2 years, I finally figured out that I had a cord to hook up to my computer to quickly upload photos. Before I had been emailing them. But with this easy upload, it was like reliving the past 2 years in a few minutes' time as I watched the photos appear on the computer screen. Talk about walking down memory lane, lots of photos from our first days here. And, I came across a few photos that I had completely forgotten, like an October afternoon of duck-feeding and playing in Lodi garden with some good friends:

Now, these good friends are moving on from Delhi and shifting to a new life in a new city. I'm so thankful for these memories of good times spent with them and, while I'm excited that they are off to new experiences, I know that Delhi just won't be the same without them. We will miss them terribly!

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  1. I just came across those photos too! We had so many fun times and yet far too few! I am just going to look forward to European adventures! Miss you!! xoxo