Friday, June 10, 2011

Sunday outing...

A very sweet friend of ours invited us out to a restaurant last Sunday. The rendez vous point was at a metro stop in another neighborhood, so logically we thought we'd take the metro. You may remember that D and X took the metro a few months ago: An outing, but I never had. There is a metro stop just near our neighborhood and although it's just about a 5 minutes walk, the heat was oppressive. Luckily, the metro cars are air-conditioned. Here are some things I noticed:
--the Delhi metro is completely modern and very clean
--for 3 of us to take it one-way, it cost 48 rupees ($1.07)
--you must pass through a metal detector (like at airports or any Delhi mall or hotel) before passing the turnstile to get to the trains
--there's a sign that says spitting is prohibited and if caught you'll get a 200 rupee fine
--there is a separate car on each train for women passengers
--we were the only westerners on the two lines we took, everyone stared
--so many of the signs were in Hindi only, this is yet another reason I'm starting Hindi classes when we get back from summer vacation

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