Saturday, January 21, 2012

Nehru Planetarium and Museum

The Nehru Planetarium and Museum is on our daily path between schools so we drive by every single day. We've seen uniformed school kids making their way through the impressive main gates and crowds of tourist buses parked in front of the planetarium. During the school holiday, we decided to go for a visit.

Just inside the gate to the planetarium, just off the main road, is this huge rocket. To the boys' delighted surprise, they realized how often we've driven by it.
The planetarium museum is small but has interactive displays, which the boys loved.

Inside this space capsule is a photo of the first Indian astronaut in space. Arthur kept waving hello to him.
Space suit.
We had some time before the planetarium film started so we walked over to the Nehru Museum. It is a huge building where he lived as Prime Minister.
 The back garden is just as large as impressive as the front side.

 Of the many rooms (bedrooms, sitting rooms) Nehru's office:
There were also many displays of photos giving a timeline of his life and the historic events in India that led up to him being Prime Minister. Also, many kinds of objects on display. I liked this one--a golden key to the city of New York.
 And, the boys liked the French cannon:
On the way back to the planetarium, we walked up the steep stairs:
At the top of this former hunting lodge, we had a great view of the surrounding trees.
The planetarium film on the stars and light pollution was (very loud but) interesting. We'll definitely go back to see the film on astronauts.

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  1. We loved the exhibits too! I wasn't that impressed with the film, (and we even faked an emergency trip to the restroom to leave early!) but the exhibits were awesome!