Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Visiting with a friend

One of the great things about having a friend who works in the airline industry is that you never know when she'll send a text message saying she's coming in a few days. I saw her quite often when I was in Paris, not at all in New Caledonia or Reunion but... lucky me, I got to see her twice last month! It's a rare thing that she gets the flight to Delhi, so I couldn't have been happier. It was great timing, too, since we were all on school holiday. The sad part is that we only got to spend a day with her.

So, on our first day, we had a nice lunch out and walked around our neighborhood.

Checking out a construction site:

On her next day in Delhi, we ventured out to Deer Park. We were excited to see some deer but also the ruins of a 14th century reservoir.

Have you ever seen a peacock fly?

Finding the reservoir was harder than I had imagined. We walked all around Deer Park (the boys even played for a bit at a nice playground), saw lots of peacocks and deer eating...then finally we found it (after asking twice).

Oh, there's the sign...we came from the other side where there was no sign...

And, she took this photo of me and the boys with my parents (the only one I have of all of us from their visit):
Missing her so much already!

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