Sunday, May 20, 2012

ahoy there...

It is HOT in Delhi...and to keep cool I keep looking at our Paris photos. We spent a great day with our good friends who came from Belgium to spend the day with us. A day was not nearly enough time with them, but we are so thankful for it and loved every minute we spent with them.

We took them on the Batobus:

 This is the only moment during our seven days in Paris when the sun came out:
 We stopped at the Eiffel tower for a picnic lunch:
 Then walked through the Tuilleries Garden to the trampolines:
 And back to the train station:
 We had a great day and miss our friends so much!


  1. Keep Cool Caitlin though I cant really tell you how !

  2. So glad you guys got to see each other ... although you're making me sweat just sitting here looking at the pictures with the jackets on!