Monday, May 28, 2012

first friends...

We used to live in a place that looked like this:

New Caledonia was an incredible place to was simple but very good. We were married there and Dorian was born there. I met an amazing woman who had a little boy just days after Dorian was born. We met when our bellies were big and round. She was the cutest pregnant lady I'd ever seen and she'd come visit me as I was on bed rest. We became fast friends and met every day after our boys arrived to walk along the beach front and talk about, well, just about anything and everything.

Here is Dorian with his first friend at four weeks old:

The years have gone by and while our friends moved back to Paris a year after we left New Caledonia, we have moved twice. The highlight of our annual trips to Paris has always been seeing them. Now, on our most recent trip, the boys are so big and making paper airplanes:

Enjoying the metro:

Saying good-bye was harder this time around since they are moving back to New Caledonia this summer. We are so happy for them (and a little jealous), but most of all, we are so thankful for all our wonderful memories of our times together over the past years...seeing the boys grow together and, despite the distance, always picking up we're they left off.

To learn a bit more about New Caledonia, check out my friend's blog: Sojourn in the South Pacific. I can't wait to read about their new adventures!

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  1. Hi Caitlin,

    I've read your blog with interest: I love where we live at the moment, in the French Alps, and on days like today - sunny and clear - I wonder why we're moving to New Delhi in June this year. But then I remember all the the amazing experiences to come - so, on y va!

    I am recording my reflections and experiences on my blog, do visit if you get time:

    Bye and thanks for the blog