Sunday, November 1, 2009


New Delhi is full of firsts for us and this weekend was no exception--the boys' first Halloween. It's the first time we live in a place where we can dress up, trick or treat and go to a Halloween party, which is exactly what we did. One of our good friends organized trick or treating in her neighborhood and was nice enough to invite us along. She also got us into a huge Halloween party--and for that we are so grateful!! So, here are some photos from the weekend.

Dorian really wanted to be a cowboy but he was wearing pretty much what he wears almost everyday--his boots, cowboy belt and jeans. By the end of the weekend festivities, and after seeing all the other kids dressed up, he now understands and is already excited for next Halloween and all the costume possibilities. Arthur was a cowboy, too.

This is my favorite, Dorian got a packet of digestive pills. Is that a trick or a treat?

The next day, at the party, Dorian wanted to be a train engineer i.e. wear his Thomas hat.

Arthur had no choice, he was king.

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  1. How fun! New Delhi does Halloween much better than Paris!